• Lexa & Ubi Skill


  • Win your share of $1,000 in prizes.

    UCIC has created two amazing tools for prototyping voice interaction - the Ubi Portal Skill for Alexa and the Lexa App for Android. Together, these tools allow you create millions of different potential interactions with Alexa Voice Service and APIs.


    This contest will challenge you to create and present seven challenges to unlock your share of $1,000 in Amazon Gift Cards.

  • The Seven Challenges

    Create your app using the Ubi Portal Alexa Skill and demo it using the Lexa App

    for Android.

    Get the Message Out

    Send a note (email or SMS) to three friends by a single voice command.

    Treat Dispenser

    Get a device to give out a treat (pet or human) through voice command. Bonus points if the device is in pumpkin form.

    Air Support

    Get a drone to take off and land by voice.

    The Hat Trick

    Create a single voice command that can do three (3) separate things - actuate a home automation device, send a message, and speak back a phrase.

    Calling an API

    Create a custom voice command that will an API through HTTP request, receive back the response, and have it speak back through Lexa.

    Stay In Touch

    Initiate a call to family by voice and the Twilio integration. This will require a Twilio account / credit.

    Chain Reaction

    Chain at least 10 different actions together as a result of a single voice command.

  • How to submit your entry

    1. Download the Lexa App and sign up at portal.theubi.com

    You'll need to have access to an Android device, create an Ubi Portal account, and have an Amazon account.

    2. Add the Ubi Portal Voice Prototyping Skill

    Visit alexa.amazon.com, search for and add the Ubi Portal Voice Prototyping Skill. Link it to your Ubi Portal account.

    3. Create "Lessons" to build your app

    Use the Ubi Portal to create simple lessons to meet the challenges.

    4. Make a video of your creation.

    Follow the video submission criteria below.

    5. Submit your video link and info.

    That's it! We'll confirm receipt and let you know if you've been selected.

    6. You can submit up to seven (7) entries.

    One for each of the challenges.

    7. You can submit as a team

    But you have to designate one contact who will receive the prize if you win.

  • Video Submission Criteria

    1. Keep it short

    Your video must be 2 minutes or less

    2. Show your work

    The video should have screenshots or screen captures showing the lessons you've created on the Ubi Portal.

    3. Keep it clean

    No foul language or inappropriate content.

    4. Make it public

    Video should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and must have a publicly accessible link.

    5. Submit your video link and info.

    That's it! We'll confirm receipt and let you know if you've been selected.

  • Prizes

    Grand Prize

    $600 Amazon Gift Card​

    One (1) prize to the person who has completed at least four of the challenges and who has the best videos.

    2nd Prize

    $200 Amazon Gift Card

    One (1) prize to the second place submission. Must complete at least four (4) of the challenges.

    3rd Prize

    $100 Amazon Gift Card

    One (1) prize to the third place submission. Must complete at least two (2) of the challenges.

    Entry Prize

    $50 Amazon Gift Card

    One (1) random person will be picked for submitting an entry.

    First Submitters Prize

    $15 Amazon Gift Card

    Four (4) people will be awarded a prize for being the first submitters to demonstrate at least three (3) of the challenges.

  • Judging Criteria


    How original is the prototype?


    Does the prototype show demonstrated knowledge of Lexa and the Ubi Portal Skill?


    Is there the potential to use this prototype in a real world application?

  • Important Dates


    September 29, 2016

    Contest opens! Start your devving.

    11:59 PM EST

    November 4, 2016

    Submissions close.


    November 12, 2016

    Winners announced.

  • Where can I get the tools?

    Ready to get started? If you haven't already, download or visit below:

    Lexa app

    The Lexa app is currently available only in the US Google Play Store


    Ubi Portal

    You can setup a free Ubi Portal account by visiting The Ubi Portal site


    Alexa Skills Portal

    If you haven't already, setup your Alexa Skills at http://alexa.amazon.com/

  • Ready?

    Submit your entry by 11:59 PM EST November 4, 2016

  • More on UCIC

    We are a team dedicated to bringing voice to hardware

    What we do

    If you're looking to create an amazing voice interactive hardware product but either don't know where to start, need help getting to market faster, or want to make sure you do it right, we help companies get over the hurdles of getting voice into their products.

    More background

    UCIC (Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation) was founded in 2012 after a successful Kickstarter campaign for Ubi - The Ubiquitous Computer. It was successfully backed in 2013 by Maple Leaf Angels and won the inaugural N100 competition. UCIC's founders have backgrounds in engineering, robotics, unmanned vehicles, and human computer interaction and previous to UCIC, had worked on dozens of high profile research projects with leading institutions. UCIC is based in Toronto, Canada, with staff in Canada, the US, and India.